The notion of buying less but choosing well was something that was passed down to us by our mother and grandmother. From a very early age we were instilled with the idea of quality over quantity. Vividly remembering our visits to textile houses, and how we would watch them carefully study the fabric for its composition and integrity. They instantly knew whether it was a fabric that would withhold the test of time. 

The attention to detail was something we inherited, and coupled together with the love for fashionable yet effortless style, Seen On Her was born in 2018.

Using ourselves as the customer, we went searching for pieces that would become loved and cherished in people's wardrobes. We must want the product ourselves for it to become a part of the Seen On Her collection. We only carefully consider designs that are versatile and will transcend the vicious cycle of fast fashion. 

Our approach is simple, quality shouldn't come with a price tag. As many people who want to break the cycle of poor quality fast fashion, it's not easy when luxury comes with a hefty price.

That's why we believe in offering customers an accessible price point by working with small family run factories and highly skilled technicians.

We are on a mission to design beautifully crafted pieces that will live in your wardrobe forever, classic styles that you can rely on year after year.