There's always room to improve, especially as a small business. We are conscious of our community and the part we play. We work with small family run factories who work ethically and use sustainable fabrics and materials where possible throughout our chain.
We are dedicated to using responsibly sourced raw materials that stand the test of time, whilst also caring for the well-being of any animal by product used in the production of our leather, cashmere and wool yarns. Our Cashmere is organically sourced from Inner Mongolia and our Bags are produced at small family run Leather Tanneries.
Our factory partners have a very ethical approach, and are always handpicking the raw material strictly. The Cashmere fibres are responsibly harvested only by natural shedding or combing, as the goats naturally shed their undercoat, making the whole process of combing extremely gentle, with no harm involved.
We place a huge emphasis on craftsmanship, and each of our technicians are highly skilled. Our factory sources all of our raw materials and products with integrity, to uphold the highest quality of our brand with an emphasis on sustainability.